Malta based online casino platform and game developer Wazdan Ltd. has decided to expand its Hold the Jackpot portfolio with success with a series of recent releases including Unicorn Reels, Clover Lady, Burning Stars 3 and Sun of Fortune which was released in April 27 th.

Due to its recognition and popularity among dev fans around the world, the production of the Hold the Jackpot feature will now be increased and will be included in the soon - the slot titles have been released: Midnight in Toyko , Poroserity pearls and Fortune Reels .

Each of the three re-spins begins Hold the Jackpot bonus round, while the repetition counter that starts with three resets if a new symbol appears on the reels, adding even more excitement to the popular feature. In addition, the mechanics are innovative polished and improved with each game creating an immersive gaming experience.

Explaining to the press company that the four releases that include this feature "have been very well received," Wazdan's commercial director Andrzej Hyla said they were "delighted to add more to our roadmap as they provide the unique flavor that many gamers are looking for." "

The CEO added ...

"Keep an eye on upcoming Wazdan expansions containing the Hold the Mechanika jackpot, including: Pearls of Prosperity, Fortune Reels, and North in Tokyo - soon! "

Upon feature launch, Unicorn Reels challenges players to discover 25 Unicorns in the depths of an enchanted forest in a 5-reel , 15 -payline slot game that includes Unicorn Jackpot Game , Wilds , Spreads , Gambling , and Buy a feature . The game provides a transparent ranking system that allows players to track their progress. Offering 21 prizes and a small, big and huge jackpot of 1,000 times the stake, the exciting game has grown to the top of the Wazdan product portfolio.

The Clover Lady released in February was next with bonus symbols giving players four jackpots by introducing multipliers taking the form of the Wolf Wolf symbol. Players can increase your winnings by 0.5x for each prehistoric predator landed up to 7x maximum, admitting up to 3,500 times the player's stake while the bonus round takes place on a net consisting of 18 individual mini-rolls.

Meanwhile, Burning Stars 3 offers quick adaptation of the 3 × 3 bonus mode which requires players to remain calm during the challenge of finding the nine symbols, which gives them winnings of 2,187 x if they succeed activate the jackpot . The other three jackpots in the game offer smaller prizes.

The latest edition of Wazdan, Sun of Fortune He sees the Hold the Jackpot bonus that is special in addition to mini, minor and major jackpots . At the end of the bonus round, all prizes, including any jackpot symbols collected, are added together. Players who manage to fill all 16 reels receive the Big Daddy award Grand Jackpot , which is worth 1,000 times the rate . Players also keep all other bonus rounds won in addition to the main jackpot.

Further :

It gives us a preview of the upcoming launch of the online slot machine, North in Tokyo According to Wazdan, the Hold the Jackpot bonus round will be played on 15 mini reels. In this series game players can win both the jackpot and the jackpot which are activated by cute geisha symbols. Additional cash prizes can also be won by using the Moon symbols and all prizes will be added together when the bonus round is over.

EGR B2B nominations :

In more exciting news, Wazdan revealed that it was nominated for three awards at the 2021 EGR B2B Awards, earning nominations in the categories Innovation in Mobile , Innovation in RNG Casino software and Innovation in the provision of slots . The first day of the event will be virtual on July 6, while the afternoon part will be virtual on July 7, and the evening part will be held in person at York Lawns, London, UK.

Prestigious award ceremony rewards and distinguishes the best service providers in the online gaming industry and recognizes supplier achievements in all major e-gaming industries, including betting and gaming software, mobile, payments, recruiting, IT, infrastructure, and more.

Commenting on the appointments, the CEO of Hyla said ...

“It is a testament to the hard work of the whole team, and we are we keep our fingers crossed for the July party. Congratulations to all nominees. "