In Macau and the company behind luxury, The 21 hotel reportedly issued a profit warning after informal disclosure that it expects to record around $ 122.3 million in a deficit in the twelve months to end March.

According to a report by Inside Asian Gaming, the move from Hong Kong-listed South Shore Holdings Limited came just hours after a request to hold trading on hold pending the official announcement of the latest annual financial results. The source states that the expected shortage of the company would inconveniently add to the $ 131.3 million losses it caused in the previous twelve-month period.

High expectations:

South Shore Holdings Limited was formerly known as Louis XIII Holdings Limited by the time of 2016 change of name and rumored premiere of luxury 200 - room 13 a little 33 months ago as " the most luxurious hotel in the world ". However, the object $ 1.6 billion on the border between Macau's Coloane and Cotai Strip, it is constantly struggling. earn and after being denied permission to bring the VIP casino to the lower floors .

Failed efforts:

Facing its financial commitment and South Shore Holdings Limited reportedly last year made an attempt to find a buyer for 13, but was forced to end negotiations with the trio of potential competitors in September after three times extension of the date of the lecture . The company was allegedly hoping these discussions would allow it to cut back on spending and recover approx .7 million by offloading at least one share 50% in a failing hotel.

Predicted study:

A profit warning from South Shore Holdings Limited has reportedly spurred until the resignation of the company secretary, as well as a trio of its directors with a litany of misfortunes, moreover, now running until the disappearance of the self-imposed march 31, deadline for completion, at least agreeing on a partial sale. The latter disappointment may now allegedly force the company to undergo the "audit modification" procedure due to the discrepancy of an official auditor in the value of his stake, which is believed to be around $ 528.8 million.

Difficult Grade:

Inside Asian Gaming has announced that South Shore Holdings Limited is being further hampered by it is unable to quantify the value of its activities due to the historical performance of The that has ever only run at partial capacity, a local lack of similar facilities and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Creditor's concern:

South Shore Holdings Limited reportedly revealed in October that continues arguing with his bank after being forced to file for a "suspension" seven months earlier. This discovery came after the company's lenders threatened to take over its business instead of the immediate collection of debts, which had been widely publicized as worth around $ 320 million .