Top Rated Online Game developer Spearhead Studios has announced the release of its newest title Knights of Fortune. Based on a medieval theme, this game features a 5 × 3 grid and features cascading re-spins along with a collecting mechanic that takes you right into the middle of the middle ages!

Game details

After loading Knights of Fortune you will find yourself in a courtyard with drums filled with medieval symbols. There are three meters on the left side of the screen, Extra Spins, Multipliers and Wilds. As you spin and collect the icons you need, the counters fill up and provide rewards when triggered.

This online slot machine provides cascading spins which means you have more chances to win. Each time you have a winning combination, the icons associated with your winnings are removed from the reels and replaced with new symbols. This can immediately result in a new win! The cascades will continue until there are no more victories.

They are too Wild Knights on rollers. The Wild indicator in the game consists of five segments and starts at zero. When you earn wild on a paid spin, this adds up to the meter. You can earn up to 80 Wild symbols in the meter. At any time, the number of wilds shown on the meter can be added back to the reels, helping to increase the potential of the rewards!

Spearhead Studios Game Development Director Kevin Corti commented on the new game, stating: “Knights of Fortune has a very cool collecting mechanic that builds up the tension until the bonus feature is reached. Get there fast and you may not have many wilds and a lower win multiplier, but it will take a little longer and the payout could be much larger.

Corti further commented that watching the meters fill up and wondering what's coming next is a special feeling. The Spearhead team has been working hard on the title and Corti is confident gamers will enjoy the game.

Additional game elements

Also on the drums there is Medieval multipliers. This section starts with x1. When a blue knight or green night comes in a winning combination in a paid spin, it will be added to the meter. You earn more multipliers by completing five segments. The value of the win multiplier will be applied to all spins when the extra spins round is triggered!

let's talk about Medieval Extra Spins in this Spearhead Studios game. There is an extra turn meter that has five segments. Initially 0 out of 8 will be displayed. Random, low paying symbols will have a special golden border. This signals that it is a special version. Each time you receive a special symbol, it will fill the segment for the Extra Spins indicator.

When all five segments are filled, the main indicator moves up by one. If the timer reaches 8 out of 8, it will start a round of extra spins and you'll get eight spins!