As the online poker market continues to grow and expand in the United States, operators such as PokerStars have the ability to offer high-quality poker tournaments and events elsewhere in the country. This year, the popular Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) was held in Michigan, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The series has been successful in every state, providing players with a huge amount of cash and lots of poker action.

In total, PokerStars has promised over $ 5 million in guaranteed prize money across a three-state series. Once the SCOOPs are over $ 6. 35 million So far, SCOOP in the US has surpassed all other online poker series this year.

SCOOP details

Pennsylvania appears to be the most successful when it comes to attendance and cash prizes. The state offered 41 events at PASCOOP and awarded $ 2.6 million in cash prize . This exceeded the original warranty by a $ 600,000.

In New Jersey, the show promised $ 1.2 million in total prize pool and was eventually awarded $ 1. 36 million There were 163 events in the series, the largest of the three states and saw 33,000 in total. Several players have had great success during the series and a handful of players have claimed more than one title.

In Michigan, the state offered 120 events and provided a total of $ 2.3 million in rewards . Over 40,000 entries were recorded overall, which was a solid figure considering that the online poker market in the state is relatively new.

Why is SCOOP so popular?

PokerStars has offered SCOOP in the US for years as well as internationally. Over the years, the series has become the foundation of the brand because the players prove to be in full force to take part. So why is the show so popular? What makes it different from the rest?

Well, for starters, the series offers tons of events. The online poker room creates a full schedule and then offers low, medium and high events for each scheduled tournament. This allows players of all states to participate in any event.

It is this factor that makes it SCOOP so popular. Gamers love to be able to take part in the series and attend the big event. Even if they may not have the money for a high-end event, they know that medium or low will offer the same great value at a lower price.

PokerStars it also offers players ways to win seats in tournaments, which helps reduce the amount spent on the game. Overall, the series features high-quality events, affordable buy-in, and large prize pools that encourage players from all over the world to take part.