In Lithuania, and parliamentarians reportedly voted in favor of legislation to change the gambling laws in the small Baltic country that prohibits all iGaming operators from promoting or advertising their merchandise.

According to a report by Gambling Insider, on Thursday it moved by a margin of 105 to 39 to implement a controversial July 1st ban banning local online casinos and betting companies from creating promotional campaigns, distributing any kind of gifts or offering discounts and promotions. The source says that the new coalition government of Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte believes that the upcoming ban will help a nation of around 2.8 million people fight more effectively against problem gambling.

Serious Poll:

Decision about prohibiting advertising of any iGaming related activity is about to collapse after Lithuania Gambling Regulatory Authority conducted a nationwide poll that revealed strong support for such a move. During this November survey, it was alleged that 52% was found out of 1,001 people surveyed they were for a total ban while the 76% believed it existed already too much gambling promotion .

Founding concerns:

Aurelijus Veryga from opposition political party Farmers and Greens Union reportedly revealed that 22% respondents last year also backed a lottery ban. In support of yesterday's vote, the MP allegedly stated that iGaming ' is an activity that for some people costs too much in terms of health, not just money. '

The Coronavirus Outrage:

Before yesterday's vote and Virginijus Dauksys The Director of Gambling Supervision Authorities reportedly revealed the effects of the coronavirus pandemic seriously damaged the local gaming industry . He allegedly further explained that the regulator received numerous complaints from members of the public about providers failing to honor their commitment to refrain from advertising their services during the blockade.

Gambling Insider announced that last month iGaming operators in Lithuania were informed that they would stop promoting their goods for the duration of the coronavirus-related quarantine . However, the source said a large number of companies she ignored this recommendation and a few have even decided to increase their advertising business.


Responding to the new regulations, Zakarka's mantas from domestic National Gambling and Gaming Business Association reportedly warned that the advertising ban could harm the industry and discourage new operators from entering the local iGaming market. Italy has allegedly introduced a similar ban from the first day of 2019, but the domestic gaming and gaming industry has grown since then to call into question the effectiveness of such advertising bans .