European slot giant Novomatic AG has announced the creation of a new Global Operations division that will take care of managing approximately 1,900 gaming plants scattered around the world.

The Austrian firm used an official press release to declare that the Fresh Produce Department has been spun off from its global sales, production and logistics office and is also to be responsible for the collection of some 214,000 gaming terminals and equipment rentals to international partners.

Considered control:

Gumpoldskirchen with headquarters Novomatic AG revealed that it has locations in over 45 countries as well exporting high-tech electronic gaming hardware and solutions to customers around 90 nations. In addition, she stated that her new branch was to be headed by a "long-term manager" Thomas Komnacky (pictured) as vice president of global operations and will be cared for by 21,000 employees across a number of international subsidiaries.

Sustainable background:

Novomatic AG announced that Komnacky, who will now report directly to board member Ryszard Presch, joined its ranks in 2014 and was responsible for market analysis, strategy development and business development responsibilities . In addition, it was found that the graduate in business administration and law previously worked in investment banking before " played a key role "As a manager for two of its subsidiaries" in numerous market entrances, company acquisitions and international concession projects ”In jurisdictions as diverse as Latin America and

Eastern Europe.

Partner's offer:

Komnacky used the press release to assure that he now intends to act towards " strengthening headquarters support 'for many' national organizations of Novomatic AG " simultaneously " improving country coverage through central contacts. " He also announced that he would like to expand the internal functions of these people. He includes and promotes " structured information exchange ", to can "to take advantage of potential synergies. "

Read Komnacky's statement ...

“My goal is to make a meaningful contribution to improving the overall performance of the company by creating even stronger networks between subsidiaries as well providing targeted guidance and support from the headquarters. "

Teamwork Purpose:

For their part, and Presch used the press release to reveal that the main goal of the new Global Operations department his company will be " to create a combined, inter-departmental unit "Capable of efficient and effective" support and manage international operating subsidiaries ”In a cooperative with headquarters.

Presch's statement was ...

“Thomas Komnacky is an experienced manager at Novomatic AG who has been entrusted with the task of managing this central division not only because he knows the group very well, but also because has already worked closely with national organizations in the past.”