Operators of gambling-friendly venues in Kenya's capital Nairobi are reportedly now having to pay a range of higher royalties following the enactment of new laws that aim to bring in more tax revenues and cash to charity.

According to a report from the Business Daily Africa newspaper, the ratification by the Nairobi County Assembly of the Nairobi County Betting, Lottery and Gaming Act of 926 means that sportsbooks must donate approximately $ 5 560 for inaugural licenses while paying the $67 Filing Fee. The new regulations allegedly also established an $278 annual renewal fee and a $231 relocation obligation.

Costly certification:

For real estate in Nairobi offering casino-like games and reportedly implemented a revised bill

$926 award fee along with $87 obligation to submit an application from $ 2 630 for each annual renewal i 1,$630 for each transfer. Additionally, there is now an alleged one $34, fee for annual lottery licenses in addition to $ 9, 260 application tariff z

$4,630 and

$87 due for annual renewals and transfers respectively.

Operator's obligation:

For anyone thinking of applying for a license to offer gambling in Nairobi, the newspaper reported that domestic applicants are now subject to $ 4.507 " investigation fee, ' which is be doubled for those applicants who are foreigners .

Public purse:

The newspaper reported that Kenya's gambling industry, which has a population of around 37 million people, has grown rapidly over the past few decades and is now a multi-million dollar industry. The Nairobi government's move is purportedly trying to amass some of this impressive wealth to it help improve a range of welfare programs and infrastructure


Jackpot Fee:

Business Africa Daily reported that Nairobi's revised legislation has also brought about $34 a fee for each draw conducted by any local betting, lottery or gambling company other than 12% '

entertainment tax”Obtained from won revenues. Bingo operators did not escape attention as they will now allegedly be required to fork about $400 for three-month operating concessions and the transfer of their proceeds to 15% County Lottery Distribution Trust Fund to be disposed of within two weeks to the scope of "good reasons.’

Strain in sports betting:

The newspaper concluded with a report that real estate in Nairobi offering totalizer action, whether through vending machines or personal wagering, are now liable to pay $ 1 507 award fee along with $964 annual renewal obligation i $87 transfer fee with each application.

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