The Macao government reportedly refreshed its long-held license, giving Macau Slot Company Limited the right to run local instant lotteries and sports betting for another three years.

According to a report from GGRAsia, the 30-month extension expires in June 2024 although the company has been taken away from its former monopoly, making it the only entity authorized to offer instant lotteries and betting on soccer and basketball games to Macao residents. The source specified that the latter provision represents a significant policy change and may indicate that a jurisdiction is open to sharing such licenses with other such vendors.

Club closed:

Macau Slot Company Limited is a trade name Sociedade de Lotarias e Apostas Mutuas de Macau Lda and reportedly obtained a local monopoly on soccer-related sports betting in 1998. A similar horse racing betting license is allegedly held by

Macau Horse Racing Company Limitedwhich is responsible for the Macau Jockey Club Place, while the former company was expanded to include professional basketball at the turn of the millennium.

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In its report on the matter and Inside, Asian Gaming revealed that the new license for Macau Slot Company Limited is its extension 1998 authorization and may be extended in mid-2024 if the city authorities agree. However, this source explained that the authorization could be immediately revoked by the former CEO of the Portuguese enclave if the operator

it will not be able to keep its employees which is considered as a specific disclaimer relating to its local employees.

Irrelevant meaning:

Macau Slot Company Limited reportedly recorded a profit of

$19.3 million for all of 2016, which was a year-on-year decline of the 09%, while the new license includes a clause that would allow 'we organize and support other forms of lotteries or mutual wagering”Pending approval by Gaming Regulations of the Inspection and Coordination Office or.

Although Macau Slot Company Limited has been licensed for many years, its annual gross gaming revenue has long reportedly equaled just a fraction of the city's overall gambling revenue. GGRAsia referred to information from the Game Control and Coordination Office, revealing that the company counts the entire 2019, allegedly just hit

$67.9 million to represent only 0.30% total sum of approximately $ 7.6 billion.

Profitable prospects:

Respected game analyst David Green Macau News Agency reportedly told that over 40 casinos in Macau could now potentially get a chance diversifying its offer and sources of income by being able to join Macau Slot Company Limited in offering some form of sports betting. Were Donaco International Limited, Silver Heritage Group Limited and

director of PricewaterhouseCoopers allegedly declared that allowing such venues to introduce sports betting would also be " would have the advantage of encouraging people to stay longer"And ask players to"they found their way into casino games during longer breaks in play ”.