Florida South American director Ron DeSantis (pictured) has reportedly signed a new gaming agreement to allow the Seminole Tribe of Florida to begin operating terrestrial sports betting. )

According to Wednesday's Tampa Bay Times report, the Republican move came a week after the measure was overwhelmingly approved by the Florida Senate and the Florida House of Representatives after more than two years of stalemate with a federally recognized tribe. The deal will allegedly also provide the Seminole tribe of Florida with an inaugural monopoly on roulette and dice activities, while allowing them to build and operate up to three new casinos.

Federal phase:

The newspaper reported that DeSantis helped create a new game which does not include the mobile or online sports betting component and hopes that it will allow you to collect as much as possible $ 2.5 billion in tax revenue added before the end of 2026. The 42-year-old governor allegedly further revealed that a 30-year deal now needs to be approved by National Indian Gaming Commission before expiration 45 - the final day, though Seminole Tribe of Florida is to be banned from starting sports betting before October 15 .

The material must:

More than 20 U.S. states have allowed some form of sports betting after 2018 to invalidate the nationwide ban contained in protection of professional and amateur sports Act (PASPA) while DeSantis reportedly revealed that a new gaming deal obliges the Seminole Tribe of Florida to a contract with at least three independent parimutuel operators within three months of the launch of sports betting services.

Foundational friction:

The Tampa Bay Times reported that the new game kit is at a set value swap a 2010 to give awaywhich gave the Seminole Tribe of Florida a monopoly on " banking Such as blackjack. However, the tribe allegedly ceased to honor the income-sharing element in this arrangement in 2019 due to a dispute over its intended scope of dominance, to leave the state disregarded for approximately $ 350 million annual tax payments.


In related news, and DeSantis has reportedly further placed his name in unrelated legislation earlier this week, which is set to create Florida Game Control Commission . Five members of this regulatory body are supposed to be appointed by the governor of "Solar State", but their four-year term subject to approval by the legislator .

Parimutuel pardon:

In the end, the newspaper reported that the Jacksonville-born governor had further approved a measure late Tuesday night that could end most of the live horse racing and jai alai matches in Florida. His support for Senate Bill 8-A would allegedly allow parimutuel operators to ' de-pair ”From the state rails and jai alai fronts, remaining in business potentially in partnership with the Seminole Tribe of Florida.