The US land-based casino operator Las Vegas Sands Corporation reportedly pumped around $17 million into an effort that could trigger a major gambling-friendly development in the city of Jacksonville in North Florida.

According to Wednesday's report from the news domain, the donation disclosed earlier this week was intended to support the local political action committee (PAC) known as Florida Voters in Charge, which takes a pro-gambling stance on public voting initiatives in 'The Sunshine State '.

Tribal triumph:

Although Las Vegas Sands Corporation reportedly confirmed by ntribution, declined to provide any further details beyond the declaration that " considers various options"And had no intention of asking the southern state to breach the recently agreed agreement with the Florida Seminole Tribe. This new deal was allegedly signed by the Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis near the end - Maybe he would have given a federally recognized tribe state-wide monopoly in dice, roulette and retail sports betting from October with building and operating permits to three new casinos .

A blurry future:

However, this new agreement still needs to be approved by Indian National Gaming Commission before the expiry

deadline August 5 and is reportedly the subject of a federal lawsuit brought by the owner of one of the largest commercial casinos in the state. Moreover, this deal could be jeopardized due to efforts supported by DraftKings Incorporated and FanDuel Group seeking voter approval to introduce commercial online sports betting in Florida.

Purposeful suggestions: reported that Florida Voters in Charge is in favor of and a couple of initiatives to vote that, once approved by voters, would allow companies willing to make a nine-figure investment to bring in as many as three new casinos to be located in North Florida. Jacksonville is the most populous city in the state with over

1.5 million inhabitants and is reportedly seen as an obvious choice for anyone looking to bring gambling into the northern part of the jurisdiction.

The first proposal from Florida voters would reportedly authorize three Florida card salons to open full-fledged casinos, as long as each of these facilities were

at least 130 miles from tribal lands and they cost the least $179 million build. An alleged second PAC scheme that would be open to out-of-state operators via competitive tendering procedures, likewise calls for three new gambling-friendly solutions only 179-mile and $300 million in reserves.

Page shift: announced that Las Vegas Sands Corporation he had long lobbied for permission to bring the casino to Florida although all his previous efforts were on the southernmost tip of the state around the city of Miami. But these efforts largely died down after 750 when voters approved a constitutional amendment that now obliges legislators

to obtain state-wide approval by way of a referendum before approving any new commercial gambling expansion.