In South America, the state of Florida and local lawmakers reportedly overwhelmingly approved proposed laws that would legalize ground based sports betting and allow the construction of up to three new tribal casinos.

These are just a few measures in a new gaming deal approved yesterday by lawmakers from the Seminole Tribe of Florida, according to a report from the Sun-Sentinel newspaper. The 30-year proposal would also purportedly give a federally recognized tribe an inaugural monopoly on roulette and craps, while allowing parimutuel license holders to relocate their business.

Huge Support:

The newspaper said the proposed gaming deal had been approved by Florida House of Representatives by voting from 97 to 17 before being passed by Florida State Senate by an even more convincing 38-to- one margin. The legislation is now allegedly going to the Florida Governor's desk Ron DeSantis and can allow Seminole Tribe of Florida to launch legalized sports betting in "The Sunshine State" as early as October 20.

Interest in iGaming:

Sun-Sentinel announced that the proposed game package would however not allow any form of online or mobile gaming and only allow existing partner companies to relocate to locations where there were at least 15 miles from casinos operated by the Seminole Tribe of Florida in Broward County and Miami-Dade County . Nevertheless, DeSantis is allegedly expected to sign the measure in the hopes that it will be able to procure by $ 500 million new revenue from gaming tax every year.

Governor's Joy:

The newspaper reported that the proposed compact game was designed to replace the 2010 deal that gave the Seminole Tribe of Florida a monopoly on casino games like " ", Such as a club. This revenue sharing alliance allegedly brought about $ 350 million annually on state treasuries, but was dissolved for 2019 due to a dispute over the intended extent of the tribe's dominance .

DeSantis reportedly told the newspaper ...

“The 2010 Compact division denied the State of Florida any proceeds from the Seminole Tribe of Florida's day-to-day gaming business, including the most profitable US casino located in Hillsborough County. This is changing today, and with the new agreement the state will now see a large stream of recurring revenues to billions of dollars over the next few years. "

Significant shortage:

For its part, and the local television broadcaster WJXT-TV has announced that the new gaming CD additionally needs to be approved by National Indian Gaming Commission in Washington, DC, but would allow the Florida Seminole tribe to run bookmakers in their own casinos, as well as at local horse racing centers, at jai-alai fairs and former dog runs. Such a proposal could allegedly benefit Florida of approx $ 6 billion by the end of the decade, I hope to be able to help the state moderate its growth $ 66 billion budget deficit.