Have a game plan. Bet Responsably is an initiative taken by the American Gaming Association (AGA) to ensure that as legal sports betting grows in the US, players know how to engage responsibly. AGA has teamed up with several partners to promote the program, and two new members have joined this week. DraftKings and Sightline are the newest companies in the development of responsible sports betting in the United States.

New partners

DraftKings is already a significant company in the sports betting industry. The company is the first partner Have A Game Plan to implement the program across all of its US retail bookmakers. The company will promote the campaign on social media and digital marketing channels.

As for Line of sight, the company is the first payment provider to join the Responsible Gaming program. Sightline will display the content of the program to cardholders and new users of its product, encouraging players to "Treat yourself to fun, then do."

Responsible gaming

With Have A Game Plan, the program promotes four key areas that players should consider when placing their bets. First, players need to set a budget and stick to it. With a fixed budget, limits are set to develop personal guidelines on when and how much to spend betting.

Socializing is another aspect that players need to consider. Sports betting is an entertainment option, so the program encourages players to socialize so they don't become a problem.

The program also encourages players will be informed . Players should use the resources available to understand the rules of the games and the chances of winning. It is also recommended that players only participate in sports betting with licensed and regulated operators. This ensures that the best gaming practices are applied, which eliminates any risk to the player.

Additional partners

Shortly after the AGA launched its Responsible Gambling Initiative in the United States of America, several sports companies joined the effort. NASCAR and NHL are among those supporting the program. NASCAR encourages players to "Know When To Drop" while the NHL was the first of the four major leagues to join.

PGA Tour he is also part of the team, encouraging golf fans to "know when to put down" and to bet responsibly. Radio PGA Tour will broadcast announcements of the program to help spread information about the program.

FanDuel is also part of that effort by being the first mobile sports betting operator to work with the program.