Earlier this week, the city council in Doral, Florida, decided to vote to ban gambling and casinos. The council approved the ban by a 4 to 0 vote. The only way such a game can take place in the city is through a referendum vote by the people of Doral.

The move was made in response to the possibility of Donald Trump and his family creating a casino at the Trump National Doral Miami Golf Resort. Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed a deal with the Seminole tribe to make gambling changes to the compact language that would pave the way for the Doral casino.

Fast shipment

City council in Doral she wasted no time taking legal action to stop the casino from coming to town. In May, an emergency law was passed banning casinos in Doral. The same law was passed this week, but not as a matter of urgency. Officials are trying to stop the construction of a casino within the city limits.

Trump reportedly tried to find a way to create a casino on a Florida resort. The property is struggling to generate revenue, and Eric Trump suggested in March that the property would be suitable for casino gaming.

Doral officials do not want to play in the casino in town unless the residents have expressed their opinion . The legal change includes the provision that a referendum will have to be held and voters agree before any type of gambling can be added within city limits.

The potential of the casino

The reason the property could potentially house a casino is based on the details of the contract between the Seminole tribe and the state. The tribe agreed not to interfere with licensing of on-site gambling 15 km from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood, which is just a straight line distance.

Local officials are concerned that the area's casino would have a negative impact on the community. Some believe DeSantis added this part to bill in favor of Trump or individuals who hope to open a casino in the state.

During the last signing of the bill, DeSantis denied speculation about Trump.