In Australia, the CEO of Aquis Entertainment Limited has reportedly told investors that his company is still interested in redeveloping the Casino Canberra property through a proposed makeover, which could be as high as $ 256 million.

According to a report by Inside Asian Gaming, Tony Fung Wing-Cheung shared this discovery during a conference call with investors to discuss his company's latest annual financial results. The source details that the Sydney-listed company now plans to re-engage with the Labor-led Australian Capital Territory government in hopes of eventually getting permission to refurbish 26-year-old property.

Disturbing disappointment:

Aquis Entertainment Limited reportedly released just over $ 5 million in 2014 for the purchase of aging Casino Canberra and announced plans for the next year, which was about to change with the addition of two hotels, luxury shops and exclusive restaurants, as well as a revitalized games room with as many as 500 slots. However, this plan was finally rejected in December 2018 due to regulatory uncertainty and financial problems, as well as local laws that prohibit the company from handling so many time windows.

Optimistic commitment:

However, Fung reportedly told investors that his company " continues to engage in real estate redevelopment "And that Canberry's recovery from coronavirus is' best chance ”To carry out such renewal. This is allegedly taking place after Aquis Entertainment Limited rejected a government counter offer that was intended to allow Casino Canberra's new look to offer up to 200 slot machines and 60 electronic slot machines which were to be subject to strict conditions.

The fungus supposedly declared ...

" This year we will hold talks with the government to discuss the existing conditions for redevelopment and electronic gaming machines. We look forward to delivering to Canberra the world-class entertainment district that our capital city deserves and to create many new employment opportunities and further secure all existing roles within our company. "

First-class finances:

Fung reportedly previously described the planned Canberry Rebuild casino as " a unique opportunity in the form of tourism infrastructure "And she reiterated that position last week, announcing that the proposal" continues to be part of our long-term growth strategy in Canberra ". This is after the operator revealed that he has managed to reverse a previous deficit $ 3.1 million to record a full-year profit for the twelve months to the end of December of approx $ 620, 000 .